Proficiently Installing Fire Alarms throughout

Michael proficiently installs fire alarm systems to BS 5839, from large distribution warehouses to the small commercial/residential property, for the protection of people and property. Some of the establishments Michael installs fire alarms in include schools, offices, restaurants, and hotels. From the design and installation through to handover and maintenance, Michael assures a quality system and service throughout. To find out more about the fire alarm maintenance solutions Michael provides, please get in touch.

Fire Alarm Beam Smoke Detection

Michael recommends installing the ‘Fire Beam’, which is a reliable means of smoke detection in large roof voids. Once set up, the motorised optical beam constantly adjusts to compensate building movement, thus preventing false alarms. With this system, you also have the ease of low-level monitoring via the beam’s analyser for maintenance and air quality monitoring. One of the past projects Michael worked on consisted of installing 24 x 100-metre range beams in a warehouse, which was one large and time-consuming project, to say the least!

Aspirating (Air Sampling) Smoke Detection

Michael supplies and installs Aspirating is a method of smoke detection that involves constantly sampling air from the protected area. The next stage after this involves drawing the air into a pipe and passing it through a laser detection chamber for analysis. There are various setups available for applications, such as sampling holes and capillary tubes for false ceilings which are discrete. This method is suited to high-risk areas where early warning signs are critical as the cost is prohibitive against standard point detection devices, i.e. optical smoke detectors.

Applications: Dusty, hot, and cold environments. Critical stock property, difficulty in access for maintenance.

Fire Alarm Systems (Wired)

Michael designs, maintains, and installs automatic fire alarm systems to BS: 5839 standards, providing both addressable and non-addressable systems. Michael can update your old, non-addressable fire alarm to a fully addressable system without the need to rewire. With access to the most cost-effective and reliable systems available on the market, Michael ensures you choose the right one for your property and needs. In addition to this, Michael is also able to assist with all your fire testing and fire drill requirements.

Wireless Fire Alarms

In certain situations, it can be impractical to hardwire a fire alarm system, either due to urgency, accessibility, or difficulty in cable concealment in a finished building. In these situations, Michael offers the industry recognised Hyfire System which he is an approved installer of. The Hyfire System is one of the only two recognised and approved wireless systems available on the market today. Check out their profiles here.

Wired and Wireless Door Retainers

Michael supplies and installs a complete range of automatic fire door retainers and automatic closures. These can either work on a standalone basis which means that they will close on the sounds of a fire alarm activating. Or they can be installed as a system, with wireless interconnectivity between several fire doors linking to the main control unit, which in turn, interconnects to the fire alarm panel.

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