Emergency Lighting Systems

Attending to all your emergency lighting system problems, Michael aims to visit your property at the earliest convenience as part of the complete electrical engineering solution he provides. As a competent electrical engineer, Michael aims to respond within 4 hours to all emergencies as part of the 24-hour help service he offers.

Emergency Lighting Requirements

If you have business premises and employ staff, then you have a duty of care and responsibility to ensure that the building complies with both the BS:5266 and BS:7671: 2008 standards. By adhering to these health and safety regulations, you ensure that your employees can easily identify lit escape routes during an emergency and vacate the property safely. The emergency lighting installed also needs to be of the appropriate type, i.e. maintained or non-maintained. The option you need depends on both the application and use of the premises, with a documented periodic test and inspection carried out to BS:5266-8 regs.

Intelligent Emergency Lighting Systems

From the installation of single point emergency lights to intelligent multi-point monitored systems, Michael at Logiktech provides the solution for all your building safety requirements. Whether you need a regular emergency light test or an intelligent multi-point system installing, Michael provides a total control solution, with remote servicing and fault finding with app control. Look at Lux Intelligent for more. 

Michael recommends LED emergency lights, and he only supplies and installs LED lights due to their low power consumption and low maintenance properties.

Utilising LED for Health and Safety

Michael offers what he believes to be a unique solution for the illumination of hazardous areas in dimly lit conditions, and he uses miniature green LED high-intensity lighting solutions to strip light floor walkways and stairs, as well as fire exits. These are all backed up by 3-hour maintained emergency packs. Moreover, Michael can create a bespoke design to suit the environment.

It is not as expensive as you think to have maintained emergency strip lighting which meets all your health and safety requirements installed in dark areas of your property. Low running and maintenance costs make it an attractive alternative solution.

Emergency Light Maintenance

If required, Michael can provide comprehensive planned maintenance of your property’s emergency lighting to ensure they meet British standards. He also carries a selection of spares with him, which ensures that he can carry out 90% of repairs at the same time and means that you do not incur any additional call-out charges.

Michael also provides a free, one-off inspection of your emergency lighting and provides a comprehensive report of the condition of them and their compliance. Alongside this, Michael will inform you about any repairs and costs involved to rectify the problems found.

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